8th pharmaceutical care Conference Objectives Towards Excellence in pharmacy Practice

Overall objectives:

  • To outline core strategies essential to enhance medication safety and rectify Vulnerabilities in the Medication Use Process.
  • To understand the pharmacy clinical services that cover all patient’s needs.
  • To framework the protocols for a scientifically sound research studies.
  • To appraise the importance of the evolution of new technologies on society and on the healthcare landscape.
  • To discuss the possible impact on the future of hospital pharmacy.
  • Exploring the future and identify new trends in Pharmacotherapy.
  • To advance understanding of global health agenda and universal health coverage.
  • To advance policy opportunities to building resilient and responsive health systems.
  • To share experiences in implementation of policy/programs that yielded better health in different settings and groups.
  • To draw recommendations to achieving the health-related SDGs.
  • Describe how to establish an Opioid stewardship program.
  • Identify essential leadership knowledge, skills, and attributes to advance practice.
  • To highlight the role of continuous quality improvement in creating patient centered care.
  • To improve the role of community pharmacists in delivering better care to patients.
  • To present the first results and recognize the first SMART pharmacists.