Eeva Terasalmi, MSc, MBA, Vice-President. International pharmaceutical federation (FIP)



Systematic work to change the community pharmacy practice started in Finnish community pharmacies already in early 1980s. At this stage the main focus was in the ability of the personnel to give reliable and tailored medical information to the customers and we started to implement the Questions to ask about your medicines -campaing.

At 90s´ the need to support adherence and to reach better outcomes with pharmaceutical care were in focus and we started a countrywide  3-year long campaign “Tippa – the tailored information from pharmacies to support the customer”.

In the same time the role of the community pharmacies in tackling the problem of NCDs was understood and the Association of Finnish Pharmacies became an active partner of national care programs in the field of respiratory diseases (Asthma, COPD), diabetes and coronary diseases. The national programs were developed to tackle the huge challenge of these NCDs and their risk factors like overweight, lack of motion, smoking, alcohol consumption etc. In these national care and prevention programs the role of pharmacists was defined. Special education was offered to pharmacists in community pharmacies to specialize in these diseases and their pharmaceutical care and pharmacy based programs were developed.

Today pharmacies are offering a wide range of services starting from basic services given to every customer and ending to the highly specialized services needed only by few people. In the presentation these services will be described