Arijana Meštrović, MPharm, FFIP, Competency Development and Implementation Manager, Pharma Expert Consultancy and Education, Zagreb, Croatia


Innovation in pharmacy services is growing and shaping pharmacy future in a patient oriented way. Innovative cognitive services are needed in rationalisation of medicine therapy and patient education. Various models of data collection, assessment tools and implementation strategies are needed to innovate and drive sustainable changes in pharmacy. Medicine therapy management is offered to patients, in personal contact with their pharmacists, based on pharmacists’ clinical knowledge and skills.

Innovations are visible in Point-of-care testing in various pharmacy setting, including rapid tests for important clinical parameters. Pharmacies are innovating in Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy fields, as well as in collaboration models with other healthcare professionals, such as nurses, general practitioners, specialist.

Screening tests and questionnaires are in place for many indications and preventive programmes.

This lecture will provide recent information about ongoing initiatives to advance pharmacy practice with innovations.


  • Understand and explain examples of innovations in pharmacy services
  • Recognising new pharmacy services as a part of Pharmacists’ Triage process in the healthcare system
  • Presenting the impact of innovative pharmacy services at patient level and pharmacists’ individual level
  • Discussing practical implications of the innovative services in the everyday practice and education activities
  • Presenting examples of innovative services in pharmacy around the globe