Eeva Terasalmi, MSc, MBA, Vice-President. International pharmaceutical federation (FIP)

World health organisation became interested in involving pharmacists to the health promotion activities when it became evident that NCD-problems will spread around the world with rising standards of living. Community pharmacies are easily reachable source of reliable information and they are the most widely used health care services.

The programs for community pharmacies were developed together with WHO for asthma, diabetes and hypertension management in EuroPharm Forum. Smoking cessation program for pharmacies was also developed based on the UK-model. These programs were spread throughout the pharmacy world and we can today see that they are adapted to community pharmacy practice around the globe.

Together with these basic services there are today also programs for anticoagulation treatments, metabolic syndrome, point-of-care testing and screening services together with different health promotion campaigns and services with rational medicine usage. To strengthen the professional role of the pharmacists these programs should be nationally accepted and standardised so that the outcomes are those excepted and so that the service can be reimbursed to pharmacists.

In this presentation we will look closer to the basic three services and how they are implemented and reimbursed globally.