Senior Clinical Pharmacist/ Lead MMyM evaluator.
Greater Glasgow Health Board
Glasgow, Scotland, UK


Carl Fenelon BSC MSc MRPharmS, IP is a Senior Clinical Pharmacist with Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Carl has spent the majority of his career as a hospital pharmacist with a wide range of experience including: patient services, medicines information and primarily as a clinical pharmacist. Carl moved to Glasgow in 1990 as Clinical Pharmacy Manager at Stobhill General Hospital.
Carl from 2003 to 2006 was seconded to evaluate and develop near patient medicines management. Following this Carl has an ongoing responsibility for evaluating systems of delivering pharmaceutical care. Recent work has included validation and development of a prioritisation system for delivering pharmaceutical care. A recent assessment of the potential delivery of pharmaceutical care by pharmacists at weekends demonstrated the need for a 7 day clinical pharmacy service.
Carl has been involved in a range of pharmacy courses and is an Honorary Senior Teaching Fellow with the University of Strathclyde. Carl’s current clinical practice includes delivery of a clinical service to medical inpatients particularly diabetes.