Consultant Pharmacist
Royal Hospital, Ministry of Health


Jehan Al Fannah, started her career as a pharmacist, and then completed an MSc in clinical pharmacy in 2003 from the UK. She worked in different pediatric specialities for more than 16 years, and became a consultant pharmacist. In 2011, she completed an executive MBA and in 2015, she became the Director of Pharmaceutical Care Department at the Royal Hospital. In July 2017, she sat an international exam through the National Association of Healthcare Quality and became a certified professional in healthcare quality (CPHQ). Currently, she is leading performance improvement unit under the Department of Quality & Patient Safety at the Royal Hospital, facilitating many team based improvement projects, including medication safety by improving double checking principles among healthcare professional, using Lean principles to facilitate improvement projects across the hospital, through training, education and projects support. Working under the Department of Quality & Patient Safety, allows her to work on quality improvement in medication related improvement projects, in addition to improvement projects in other areas of hospital practice. Equally, important to the department of quality is improving patient experiences and healthcare professionals joy in the job. Hence, Jehan Al Fannah, works closely with different departments to introduce positive practices in the work environment.