Ph. Thuraya Nasser Bumozah

Ph. Thuraya Nasser Bumozah
Clinical Pharmacist
Maternity and Children Hospital
Alhasa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Thurayabumozah is a clinical pharmacist at the Maternity and children hospital (MCH), Alhasa-KSA. Dr.Thuraya earned her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences with honors from King Saud University in 2004 and her Master of Clinical Pharmacy from College of Pharmacy, The University of Queensland, Australia in 2010.

Dr.Thuraya has more than 6 years’ experience working at Ministry Of Heath as hospital pharmacist; three years of them as a clinical pharmacist in the Pediatric intensive care unit. In December 2012 she was appointed to be the Chairwoman of scientific Committee in ALhasa Pharmacy Club (APC)-Saudi Pharmaceutical Society (SPS).

Thuraya participated in a large number of local scientific meetings as a speaker or organizer. She coordinated and supervised clinical pharmacy students' training programs at the hospitals where she participated in the preparation of continuing educational program, for pharmacy staff, and staff development and was appointed with several administrative pharmacy positions as a supervisor. Other areas of interest include quality improvement and medication safety.