Department of Pharmacy Practice
School of Pharmacy, Kuwait University.


Shaimaa Fawzi began working at the Faculty of Pharmacy-Kuwait University following her graduation in 2006 from the same faculty. She gained her Master’s degree in Diabetes care and Education at the University of Dundee (in collaboration with Dasman Diabetes Institute) in 2015.
Shaima has played a key role in the establishment of the Medicines Information Centre at Kuwait University in 2015. She co-organized workshops for pharmacists on “Basic Drug information Skills” and has also been a key player in the Drug Information Services course for fifth year students at the Faculty.
Shaimaa also participated as organizing member and assisting the chairpersons in different conferences held by faculty of pharmacy during the last 10 years. Moreover, she is a member in different working committees include Clinical Pharmacy Simulation Facility Committee, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) committee and Professional Practice Lab Planning Committee. In addition, Shaimaa worked as research assistant in two published researches.