Frank Jørgensen, Cand. Pharm, MSc, President of the Norwegion Association of Hospital Pharmacists, Haukeland Hospital Pharmacy, Norway


In studies on medicines related problems (MRPs) interactions of medium to high potential clinical seriousness constitute 20 -30% of the identified potential problems. The challenge is to decide on which ones are clinically relevant to the particular patient.

To analyze whether an interaction is clinically relevant a number of elements must be taken into consideration, e.g. the doses used, whether the medicines are for regular use or for on demand, whether a certain consequence is experienced in most patients and the benefit-risk ratio.

It is important also to take into account what kind of food and drink is consumed, and whether the patient uses any herbals, smokes and/or drinks alcohol.


  • The aim of the workshop is for the participants to become better able to analyse interactions in terms of clinical relevance to the particular patient.


  • To analyze whether an interaction is clinically relevant to the particular patient
  • To discuss and conclude with the prescriber which potential interactions to take into account in the particular patient
  • Definition of an interaction including between medicines, and between medicines and food, drink, herbals, smoke and alcohol.
  • Introduction to two databases for analyzing interactions.
  • Provide an example on how to work with an interaction which is challenging to analyze in terms of clinical relevance.