Sherif Kamal .Bsc, MSc, Clincal Pharmacy Consultant. Director of Pharmaceutical Services ,Children Cancer Hospital Egypt





  • To develop and maintain a culture of safety and quality in healthcare setting we need to ensure a level of leadership and motivation advocating quality, safe and compassionate provision of healthcare.
  • We will discuss the role of leadership to ensure direction, alignment and commitment.
  • We are going to discuss the definition of leadership and its implication in daily practice.
  • We will discuss what we should expect from leadership and if we learn and teach leadership
  • We are going to discuss and evaluate Types of leadership and its implication in healthcare setting
  • Everyone will speak about his experience “Are you a leader”
  • Then we will discuss “The leadership Task” and identify tools to develop Leadership and quality, Leadership and patient safety.
  • We will discuss the tem dynamics and leadership.
  • In the second part we will define motivation and exercise motivation .We will discuss the integration of Leadership, motivation and pharmacy carrier path
  • We will identify the Role of motivation in improving quality of healthcare
  • Finally we will discuss Leadership and motivation and the Just culture.