Dalal Al-Taweel, Asmaa Al Haqan MSc, Shaimaa Abdel-Meguid MSc, Department of Pharmacy Practice, School of Pharmacy, Kuwait University.

This workshop introduces participants to basic medicine information skills needed to provide medicine information to either individual patients, as an integral part of pharmaceutical care, or to healthcare professionals. We use interactive teaching techniques to develop practical medicine information skills using a systematic approach. Participants will also learn the skills needed to evaluate medical literature to aid in making decisions as part of a healthcare team with the ultimate goal of enhancing patient care and improving patient outcomes. Appropriate didactic and practical support will be used to enable the participants to acquire the necessary skills.


  • Define the term “medicines information” in the profession of pharmacy, and describe the role of a medicines information pharmacist in a medical center setting.
  • Demonstrate a systematic approach to dealing with medicines information enquiries to enable optimal recording, clarifying, categorizing and prioritizing of requests.
  • To communicate clinical information accurately and concisely.
  • Provide the skills & knowledge base to allow appropriate and efficient information acquisition and critical evaluation of current drug literature.