10th pharmaceutical care Conference Objectives Towards Excellence in Pharmacy Practice

Overall objectives:

  • To create a platform for the education and training of pharmacists to a level of specialization and maintain continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Advocate on how pharmacy professional looking to develop the pharmacy workforce within a broader context within health care systems.
  • Describe the knowledge, skills and the attitudes required for good patient-centered pharmacy practice.
  • Showcase the experience of Oman as a leading country in the Region in adopting the Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Initiative.
  • Highlight the global health system research symposium 2020 (HSR2020) and its contribution to reshaping the future of health care
  • To identify transformative change in pharmacy education needed to meet the accelerated societal needs including new competencies required for the 21st century.
  • To explore the future of pharmacotherapy and identify new trends and advances in diseases management
  • To appraise the importance of the evolution of new technologies on society and on the healthcare landscape
  • Know the field of global health diplomacy, its history, recent development and key challenges.
  • To discuss the supervisory role of the emergency pharmacist including, but not limited to other pharmacy personnel (i.e. technicians),
  • Outline the protocol for a scientifically sound research study; appraise strengths and weaknesses with studies found in literature and argue for methods chosen
  • To advance policy opportunities to building resilient and responsive health systems.
  • To enable community pharmacists to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to deliver comprehensive pharmaceutical care to ambulatory patients
  • To develop new and innovative ways to attract young pharmacists into all areas of pharmaceutical practice and science.