AL Sayyida/ Bushra Hamood Al Busaidi

Medicine information pharmacist
Sultan Qaboos University Hospital
Muscat, Oman


AL Sayyida/ Bushra Hamood Al Busaidi
A medicine information pharmacist who works at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital
(SQUH) in Muscat (Oman). I completed my Bachelor degree from the University of Strathclyde in
Glasgow (UK). I worked at different services in the pharmacy, meeting the hospital mission and
vision towards patient’s safety.
For the past 10 years, I have been coordinating and managing the adverse drug reaction (ADR)
reporting in the hospital. My passion towards pharmacovigilance and patient safety has been
pushing me towards many plans for improving the awareness of reporting and improving the
reporting system in the hospital as well. I am very much involved in teaching in regards to
medication safety and pharmacovigilance where I teach healthcare workers, medical and
pharmacy students about pharmacovigilance & the importance of reporting ADRs. I am very
much engaged with supervising and contributing with research related to ADRs where I have
been supervising medical students on their study as well as Msc. pharmacy students. I am also a
member at the “Oman pharmacovigilance advisory committee” (OPAC).
With the current pandemic (COVID-19) and the vaccination campaigns, I took the initiative and
possible opportunity to improve signal detection and reporting ADRs which plays a big role in
improving patient safety.