Amal Khamis Bait Mustahail

HOD Patient Safety, Directorate General of Quality Assurance Centre, Sultanate of Oman


Amal Bait Mustahail is HOD Patient Safety, in the Directorate General of Quality Assurance Center, MOH Oman. Wrote 3 papers about patient care and administrative involvement. She has 19 years of experience in MOH.
She is an RN received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Cardiff University, Post Basic Diploma in Administration in Oman, Post Basic Diploma in Nephrology in Oman, and General Diploma in Basic Nursing in Oman. She has a several training courses and well known as a master trainer in many subjects for instance, Total quality management, WHO surveyor course for the international patient safety standard, Master trainer for patient safety friendly hospital initiative, Lean management course, master trainer for the national Incident reporting and learning system (Aman) IRLS, Training, risk management training, Training of trainers TOT course, Basic life support , IV therapy, Communication skills, Leadership and management skills, strategic planning, Critical thinking, Research proposal, research methods training, Computer course, ILETS English course and more.
Personal competencies such as very well trained presenter, Computer skills, writing and designing strategic and operational plans, problem solving and decision making processes, using proper power whenever needed.