Isra AL lawati

Clinical Pharmacist specialist in the psychiatric field, Al Masarra Hospital, Ministry of Health Sultanate of Oman


Isra Al Lawati earned her postgraduate degree in MSc Clinical Pharmacy Service Development at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, the United Kingdom in January 2017. She earned her undergraduate degree (Bachelor) in pharmacy at Oman Medical College, Muscat in February 2011. In 2011 she joined the department of pharmacy at Al Masarra Hospital and worked as an in-charge of in-patient pharmacy for 2 years. From 2017 up to now, she is working as Clinical Pharmacist specialist in the psychiatric field, mainly responsible for reviewing patients admitted in the hospital by reviewing their medications and identifying related problems, attending major rounds, applying medicine reconciliation process, providing counselling sessions and applying poly-pharmacy service in the department. She has made numerous presentations to other healthcare professionals at the hospital level and national level focusing on Pharmaceutical care. Aside from Isra's clinical experience in the pharmaceutical care inside the pharmacy department, she is the leader of the patient safety friendly hospital program of the pharmacy theme in Al Masarra Hospital and member of Smart pharmacy program as a smart pharmacist which had been applied in Oman since 2017. She is the leader of the poly-pharmacy service of the hospital and had given a poster presentation in the first international patient safety day in September 2019. Moreover, she is a member of the local guidelines committee in Al Masarra Hospital who are responsible for developing internal policies and guidelines for the hospital sector. And a member of the research committee in the hospital who are responsible for conducting researches and studies related to the services provided in the hospital.