Maria Al-Alawi

Pharmacist at Khoula hospital, sultanate of Oman


Pharmacist Maria ALALawi who is interested in medical research, public awareness and reading.
My main goal is to raise, people, awareness about medication use and safe use of medicine, also I want to have a positive impact in the pharmacy field. To do that I am focusing on research in both areas, community and hospital settings.I studied my B pharm in National University of science and technology and graduated in 2016. I did my training after graduation in Royal Hospital and Sultan Qaboos University hospital where I learned more about pharmacy practice and research. I participated in seminars, conferences, symposiums as a poster presenter and speaker. I am an active member of the Oman pharmaceutical society where we try to reach both the public and the pharmacists. I think every pharmacist can make a difference if they try.
So I want to try to make a small difference that may count!