Mutaira Musallam Al Busaidi

National Coordinator of Elderly Care and Community Health Service, Directorate General of Primary Health Care, Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman


Mrs Mutaira Al Busaidi is one of the first Community Health Nurses who graduated with an Honor Bachelor degree from Cardiff University in the year 2013. Currently, Mrs Mutaira is working as the National Coordinator of Elderly Care and Community Health Service in the Directorate General of Primary Health Care, Ministry of Health directing, supervising, monitoring and evaluating elderly care and community health service at the national level. A member of many national task forces and committees that are working on the planning and improvement of elderly care service and community health nursing service and primary health care services. Also, she is working as a community health nurse providing evidence-based care for all patients in community settings. Participate in organizing and conducting awareness programs, campaigns and activities related to elderly care and community health services in Muscat and other governorates. She has also participated in developing health education materials for people in the Community such as prevention of pressure ulcers in home settings leaflet. To further strengthen, her contribution into the service, she elected to take a leadership position by chairing the Community Health Services and Primary Health Care professional Core Group of the Directorate General of Nursing Affairs (DGNA) in the Ministry of Health since 2013. Currently, she is working with her colleagues on developing the job description, the national policies, and the standards of care and services provision system for people of Oman. For instance, she is a member and assistant faculty in Oman Cancer Association to help in integrating palliative care service into the community health service and to train PHC employees in palliative care. Also, to improve her community services and leadership roles, she has participated in several workshops and educational events. She presented lectures on the Role of Community Nurses in different health care fields in national and international conferences and seminars and participated in educating nursing students by conducting lectures about community health service and home visits based on their curriculum. Further, she is a preceptor for two batches of BSc community health nurses students for 2 years and a preceptor of nurses who were under primary health care training program for more than 3 years. She is also a co-author of the first paper that was published about Community Health Nursing in Oman (2014) and Palliative care in Oman (2015). She has been nominated by the DGNA to represent community nurses in the GCC nursing conference in the State of Kuwait two years ago and. Currently, she works in collaboration with her collages in the DGPHC and DGNA in initiating community health service in all governorates and they covered around 90% coverage among the governorates. Also, she organized a national wound management training for community nurses over the country and in collaboration with specialized nurses in wound management in Khoula hospital and Bawshar polyclinic. The training covered around 73 community nurses.