Sara Al Balushi

Director of Pharmaceutical Care Department
Ministry of Health, Oman


Sara Albalushi is a senior specialized pharmacist who obtained her Master Degree in supply chain management from Strathclyde University, Scotland the United Kingdome. She worked as a supply chain manager at the Directorate General of Medical supplies, ministry of health Oman, which is the responsible body in the ministry of health for the pharmaceutical supply chain management.
Currently, she is the director of the pharmaceutical Care Department at the ministry of health where she initiated the pharmacist-led medication safety program at the ministry of health, developed a strategy for the pharmaceutical care departments, Created policies and procedures for all the pharmaceutical care services at both tertiary and secondary care level. She also provides professional development and career guidance for the pharmacist in the ministry of health under the pharmaceutical care program.
She is an active member of various committees in the ministry of health such as the head of the organizing committee of the Oman pharmaceutical care conference organized by the ministry of health, head of the central pharmaceutical care task force, member of the national patient safety committee, member of the Antimicrobial use evaluation committee.