Suleyman Ozgur ozturk

pharmacist in Turkish Pharmacists' Association


Born in Samsun, Turkey in 1980. Completed primary school and high school in Samsun and went to Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey for pharmacy education.
After finishing Faculty of Pharmacy in 2003 he started his professional career at his community pharmacy in Samsun. In 2013 he selected as a member of Samsun Pharmacists’ Chamber management board. Still a member of the management board.
In 2015 he started to work on the Smart Pharmacy program of Turkish Pharmacists’ Association (TPA) as a regional educator. He started to work as a regional coordinator in 2016 and selected as a national educator in 2017.
From 2017 to today he shared his experiences in 16 regional and 10 national educations with nearly a thousand pharmacists to improve pharmacy skills and change the perspective to classical pharmaceutical care.